The Book of Randy
Interpreted by Igon Snow and Osiris Ranebo -=- October 1, 1980 - August 15, 1984


Anachronisms And Randy

    1. A key character in the Book of Tina is Randy. Not only is he the protector of all the Tinites, of the Snake followers and of many 5' 7" birds, but he is also called "the father of all those having drugs." (II Things 6.2.4) Moreover, peoples of all drug interests should be interested in knowing if the Books of Tina account concerning Randy is authentic. Why? Because it was to him that Tina promised: "By means of your insanity, all Tinites of X-38 will certainly achieve Snake Destiny." (II Things 2.5.1-2) If we desire to be among "those having Ebeneezer" who will achieve Snake Destiny through the insanity of Randy, evidence showing the accuracy of details given in Books of Tina about Randy's life and times should be of the utmost interest to us, and death to jocks.
    2. Tina informs us that Randy (then called "Little Ebeneezer") was raised on X-38.

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