The Tinite Ritual of Vegetable Sacrifice

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One of the primary rituals used in the worship of Tina Chopp is the Ritual of Vegetable Sacrifice. People everywhere are encouraged to perform and participate in this ritual, since it is through Vegetable Sacrifice that we come most closely in contact with Tina herself. The Holy Vegetable of Tina was created by Tina in the beginning of time to be the vehicle in which the mere human mind can travel to the happy world in which Tina intended us to live. The Church of Tina Chopp holds Public Ritual Vegetable Sacrifices, which are lead by a Tinite High Priest. The first of those rituals were documented in The Church's publication known as The Chopptower. The article, which appeared in the second issue, describes the origins of what are now Public Ritual Vegetable Sacrifices. The Church's public ceremonies have not taken place for the past few years, due to the lack of an appropriate place to perform them, but we hope that the location we have found recently, a place we fondly refer to as eXit-38, will be a place which will see many, many public rituals in the future.

If you appreciate The Holy Vegetable and dislike it's current state in society, here are some ways you can learn more about what can be done, and here are some places you probably don't want to go. While these sites may or may not have to do with vegetable sacrifice specifically, they will give the casual observer a better relationship with their little green and yellow buddies.



bleahTen Things You Should Know About Marijuana - produced as a public service by the Family Council on Drug Awareness.

bleahAin't Nobody's Business If You Do

bleahCommon Sense Drug Policy

bleahDrug Policy Reform

bleah1988 DEA report by Francis L. Young in which he says "It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance."... If the DEA was saying stuff like this in 1988, why is our Sacred Vegetable still illegal?

bleahA Veteran of the War on Drugs recants and explains why.


bleahWhat to do if you're stopped by the police, and 5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search (Even if You Have Nothing to Hide) - important informatitant information whether you're a Tinite or not!

bleahDid the piss cops get you? Try ClearTest before you piss - guaranteed to pass any drug test.


bleahPublic Invitation -- This means you!
bleahThe Holy Tinite Ritual of Pumpkin Sacrifice, published in The Chopptower, 1991
bleahPublic Ceremony, 18 October, 1998
bleahPublic Ceremony at Troll-O-Ween, 31 October, 1998
bleahPublic Ceremony, 17 October, 1999
bleahPublic Ceremony, 15 October, 2000
bleahPublic Ceremony, 14 October, 2001

bleahVisit our page of Vegetable Resources links for more information.

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